1.  Rehearse at your favorite local studio – especially if it is Sonlight Productions! Use this time to try out a variety of recording techniques some produce better technical recordings and some capture the feel of the music better.  There are pros and cons to each approach. Discuss these approaches with your engineer. Also try experimenting with a variety of microphones and mixing techniques.

2.  Record your songs during live gigs and preproduction rehearsals. Even a simple cassette recording on a boom box may reveal weak parts of songs.

3.  Have all the musical and vocal parts worked out. (Know your solos)

4. Using a computer or sequencer? Prepare all sequenced material before the session.

5. If you plan to use a click track, make sure your drummer/ band is comfortable playing to it. (To get “tight”, practice to a click track/ metronome at tempos you will use when recording.)

6.  Rehearse more songs than you plan to record. You never know which songs will sound strong in the final mix. (If you plan to have a four-song EP, prepare six songs just in case.

7.  Take care of your body before and during your recording sessions. Eat well, get enough sleep, and keep your ears rested and clear. Know what helps you relax! Dress comfortably.

8.  If bringing friends or family be sure they understand that the engineer will need quiet in the control room.  Recording can be a long and somewhat boring process at times.  So bring things to do for when you are not recording. (reading material, etc.)