9.  Be early! At some studios, the clock starts running whether you’re there or not. Find out about their cancellation policy as well. Sonlight Productions allows for load in and load out time and only charges for the actual time, setting microphones, getting level checks, recording and mixing.

10.  Make the studio a comfortable and relaxed place. If it’s not it will show in your finished product.

11. Make sure you and the engineer have the same “vision” – go over your songs with him/her before recording. Before booking your studio time, ask to hear other material the engineer recorded.

12. Depending on whether your studio has 8, 16, 24, 48 or 96-track capability, plan out how you will leave room for all the essential parts. This should simplify the mix and eliminate the need for bouncing tracks later. Sonlight Productions has 24 tracks for live performances and 48 tracks in studio.

13.  Use new strings, cords, drum sticks and heads – and bring spares!

14.  Find out the hours of the local music store just in case…(Sam Ash, Guitar Center, Guitar Villa, Devoe’s,)

15.  Don’t use new gear or different equipment that you haven’t used before, even if it’s better than what you have.  Surprises can cause problems. There is always a learning curve with all new gear.