Concert Audio SystemSend us your technical rider or allow us to help you discern what you need for your event.  We have worked in large and small venues with all levels of performers and presenters.  We will configure a system for you that will make you look and sound great.

Budget control is always a consideration.  Our team will be on time, professional and experienced.

We are experienced with musicals, theater, concerts, motivational presenters, educational events and multimedia presentations.

Infokenitics engineering is moving information from one place to another with fidelity.  We believe it is the art of moving information with imagination, innovation, integrity and inspiration.  There are a myriad of audio-visual systems available today.  Adapting a system properly for your purposes can be the first and lasting impression of an otherwise well conceived event.






Our front of house mixer is a 40-channel (36 mono and 4 stereo) Allen-Heath GL3300 mixer.  The mixer has phase reverse, phantom power assignable by channel, gain, 4-band EQ (two mid range are semiparemetric), 8-auxillary groups, 8-sub groups, solo, and 4 mute groups on each channel.


The output section has multiple outputs for monitors & effects, a matrix output, 2-track house mix and multitrack recording outputs.  Check it out at









The DBX-260 Drive Rack interfaces with a laptop computer.  Each venue has unique room acoustics, which need to be assessed in order to properly place and configure speaker systems. The Drive Rack digitally optimizes the concert system so you hear even coverage with full-range high quality audio and less risk of feedback.

The DBX 260 features computer based fully digital controlled graphic analyzation, crossovers, parametric EQ, graphic EQ, speaker system delay, gain control, limiters, feedback suppression, and noise gates.

Additionally, we have reverb, delay, chorus, compression, limiters, gates and other standard signal processors for your sound.  We are happy to provide specific signal processors per your technical rider.


You can order speaker systems for any size event.  If events require systems larger then our house system we can acquire those from various affiliates.

We have a moderate sized system in house, which is a tri-amped system.

The woofers include 4 – 18” Electrovoice pro series mounted in QXR S-218 tuned and ported cabinets and powered with 4500 watts continuous.

The mids and highs are handled by the 6 – Electrovoice QRX 112/75 series cabinets each featuring: (1) – 12” speaker for the mids powered with a 3600-watt input, a 3” horn powered with 900-watt input.  Total output for the mains is conservatively 9000 watts continuous. There are also 2- Peavey cabinets with a 15” woofer and horn for side fill. They handle 500 watts each. Add the new Electrovoice powered speakers for: Total main output is 15,000 watts.  The power is managed very efficiently with active crossovers so there is minimal power loss.  The in house system will easily manage a crowd of 2000-4000 people depending on the room or acoustics and volume requirements.

Front of House/ Monitors

(6) Electrovoice QRX 112-75 Mid/High Cabinet

(2) Electrovoice QRX S-218 Sub-Woofer cabinets

(2) Electrovoice ELX 18″ powered subs (700 watts each)

(2) Electrovoice ZLX15P 15″ + horn powered cabinets (1000 watts each)

(2) Electrovoice ZLX12P 12″ + horn powered cabinets (1000 watts each)

(4) JBL wedge monitors

(2) Your Elite monitors

We have arrangements with large audio providers to add to main speaker system for larger venues.