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 We can provide digital multi-track recording

  • Live on location,
  • In our home studio
  • Or a combination of the two

Today digital technology is closing the gap between the quality of smaller home studios and the big expensive studios.  You can produce a project that you are proud of without the costs you may have imagined.



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 Guaranteed results…If you don’t like the recording you don’t pay!

We have four basic recording approaches for you to choose from.

  1. Live Multi-track:We can record a live event on our portable 24-track digital Alesis HD24 and then master and edit it later in the studio.  Multitrack recording live events while providing a separate mix for the concert audio system are managed easily utilizing our Allen Heath GL3300 40 channel mixer.  We have also added the Allen Heath Qu-32 digital mixer with 18 track recorder built in! Additional overdubs and tracks can be added later in the studio.
    • Mastering and editing is managed with our 96 track Digidesign Pro-Tools 12.3.1 and Motu 24 I/O system.  The industry standard in digital editing.  The final master of a live event can sound as good as any studio demo.
  2. Live two-track: A Teac DAT and Sony CD burner can provide two track live recording. This is great for choirs, concert bands or similar programs.
  3. Studio Demo: The demo approach can be used for low budget projects.  The band all plays at the same time.  Sometime this produces a tighter sound that has increased feeling.  The limitation is that some audio bleed onto other tracks when there is performer errors reduces editing capability. Fortunately we have a drum room, vocal booth and main studio to allow for a pretty good isolation and editing even with this method.
  4. Studio Multi-track: Musicians record their tracks separately.  This approach can take a little more time but it creates completely clean and isolated tracks, which are great for mastering, and any edits that must be made later.  Our Main Control room features a Digidesign C-24 fully automated mixing console, Universal audio pre-amps/compression/limiters, Vintech preamps, Adams near field monitors.  The main studio is acoustically treated and has a wide array of quality microphones. We also have a great variety of plugins including digidesign, Antaras auto tune, drum agog platinum 5, Isotope:( Rx3 advanced, Nector, Ozone 5 advanced, Alloy), McDSP emerald pack and more. Instruments include: DW  performance series 5 piece drum kit with Zilgen cymbals, Peavey Jazz bass, and Keyboard.