Marketing and promotion can be a challenge.

Allow us to assist with defining what you are promoting and who the target audience is.  Next we can craft a plan together that will reach targeted customers and design the marketing collateral to peak their interest.

Business planning and marketing strategies can be simple or comprehensive. They can be locally, regionally, nationally or internationally oriented.  Whether you are creating a business plan for yourself or for investors to review, we can integrate seasoned business experience with your dreams in order to make them a reality.

Marketing Collateral:

What you share with the community while marketing represents who you are.

We can assist you with creating a professional marketing package including: CD, Video, DVD, Business Cards, Website, Promotional Flyer, Digital Pictures, and Local Performer Connection.

  • CD: We offer several ways to record your CD (review our recording page for more information).
  • DVD/ Video: A video can be made as simple as editing cuts from performances, rehearsal and recording as well as integrating pictures. Once the images are selected we can synchronize them with your music tracks.  We have affiliations with small local digital video studios as well as larger broadcast quality studios.  Technology is bridging the quality gap between large professional video houses and smaller video studios.  You can produce a high quality video or DVD at reasonable prices.
  • Printing/ Publishing: the computer age of desktop publishing has made creating business cards, brochures, flyers and newsletters a breeze.  We can complete simple low budget projects in house and also hook you up with top-notch graphic designers.
  • Pictures: We have digital cameras and photographers that can capture some great images.   We also can provide extensive digital photo editing to provide special effects and alternate locations.  Digital pictures can be printed, e-mailed, placed on websites etc.

The budgets for all of this widely vary!  We can help you craft a package and plan that makes sense for your budget.